Marketing is a contest for a persons attention...

         and we know how to get someone's  attention.


Texas Land and Luxury has proprietary technology that we employ once the images have been produced. 

Our private client package includes: 

Property's custom stand alone website

Assigned SEO expert to  propagate listing for high rankings on search engines.

Delivery into the proprietary ND2NO Network Luxury Lifestyle Directories

A custom digital flip booklet for every property Texas Land and Luxury represents.   



At the private clients convenience our marketing and branding team will schedule a custom photo shoot of your property to aquire the following. 

High Definition Imagery Photos

Drone Footage

Video Lifestyle Footage

3-D matterport imagery if applicable  



This analysis is done by our team of marketing experts.  This is not to be confused with the realtor that does the comparative market analysis of your homes value.  This is an analysis of how best to market your property. 

How do you determine the most suitable market for your property? What are the risks and benefits of your pricing your property in this market?  This is where our market analysis is vital to the success of your property.

A market analysis is an assessment which allows you to determine how suitable a particular market is for your property. We use market analysis to evaluate your local and state market, and we look at the US as a whole and the International markets for your property.

Market analysis provides you with a holistic, or well-rounded picture of the markets of interest. The components of the analysis include several evaluation tools, including a discussion of your luxury home and price point and its outlook in the market. It also analyzes the target market, conducts a competitive analysis, and identifies cultural  expectations.

Conducting Market Analysis

When we conduct a marketing analysis, we are going to look at several characteristics . We are also going to determine how suitable your property is for the market.

Some of, but not all, the marketing analysis expert will take into consideration:

  • Definition of your property (what all does it offer)

  • Size of your property

  • Rate of sales, resales and new builds in your area

  • Potential for appreciation in the area

  • Trends in the industry

  • Sustainability of your community

  • What is the general level of income of your target market?

  • Where does your target market live?

These measures provide a broad overview of your property and its potential for profitability.




92% of real estate shoppers say they prefer print marketing when making a purchasing decision. At Texas Land and Luxury we create a digital flip booklet for every listing that can easily be downloaded and printed at will.  A great tool for homeowners, buyers, realtors and just lookers.  Its a digital convenience gone old school. Print matters, no matter what the digital keyboard warriors try to convey.

The fact remains that advertising tactics such as creative print ads are not disappearingOn the contrary, industry reports prove the evergreen potential of print advertising: Overall 70% of Americans prefer to read on paper, and 67% prefer printed materials over digital, over 55% of all consumers trust print marketing more than any other advertising method.  However, it takes a great piece of print content to evoke emotions and inspire customer interest.  We hire the professionals that know how to create pieces that exceed even the most discerning expectations.




Use Video and Motion Graphics to Stand Out

Create Visual Content for Stories 

Embrace Interactive Media 

Design Better Flip Books 

Make all our  Emails Visual with a Call To Action

Incorporate creative hashtags for all social media platforms

Social Media ExplosionS

We could get into the details of our Social Media campaigns, but most likely it would bore you like crazy.  Just know we have professionals who feel this is their only area of expertise and they are part of our team.  Once we create your deliverables then our experts will set up the social media marketing campaign just for your property.  And within a matter of hours your property will be live on a local, national and international platform. 



Our team can create a 5 star white glove estate event, a neighborhood backyard BBQ, a simple open house or anything in between. We offer some pretty crazy creative ways to engage potential buyers.  We believe in the amazing real estate community of brokers and agents and the professionalism they bring to the industry.  We also know most realtors like good food and beverages, so to get them to engage in a preview of your estate and hopefully create buzz among the ranks. We provide the catering, beverages, valets and sometimes even music.  We've also been known to send the limo to pick up the Top Agents in the city to make sure they preview your property.  Your marketing liaison will help you figure out just how much of an appetite, if any, you have for an inhouse event.  And then we will get to planning, organizing and executing its success.